Capacity building

We deliver customised training and capacity building activities addressed to businesses and organisations wishing to improve personal and corporate performance. Employees serve as the backbone of a business’ success, making their skills and abilities essential for progress and sustainability. Focusing on the analysis of critical factors and variables, we strive to help businesses ensure long-term growth by enhancing their personnel’s competences, changing attitudes and promoting personal and professional development.

Horizon Europe participation – How to benefit from Europe’s key funding programme for research and innovation: trainings provided on funding and partnership opportunities, proposal preparation and project implementation, by means of lectures, webinars, seminars and hands-on support.

Transversal skills and competences within an organisation – How to further enhance team management and leadership skills: trainings provided on building trust, cultivating empathy and collaboration, promoting team spirit, critical thinking and flexibility, and sustaining motivation (soft skills).

Transition to the circular bioeconomy for public and private organisations, institutions and NGOs – How to inform, inspire and engage all actors to facilitate the transition to more sustainable production, consumption and lifestyle modes and methods: awareness-raising and educational activities.